CSS (also known as CompaSS) headquarter is in Orange County, California, USA. CSS offers Integral Tai Chi classes (free of charge), many trainings and certification track for Integral Tai Chi Instructors, meditation classes, monthly dharma lectures, weekly radio and tv programs in Vietnamese, cooking club and movie club, annual outdoors activities, trimester meditation retreats, special trainings for its working members and many other activities.

Through its activities and programs, CSS offers participants and especially its working members an environment facilitating their holistic evolution. All activities organized by CompaSS are open to everyone of all ages, race, gender, religion and beliefs. Most of the activities are free admission, with the exceptions of retreats, pilgrimages and instructor trainings.

ITC is one unit of CSS specializing in Integral Tai Chi. ITC has many branches and each ITC branches offer Integral Tai Chi classes as well as some other activities to the local population. Other than the main ITC in Orange County, California, the following locations have an active ITC program:


CSS maintained an active presence on-line:

YouTube channels

Radio Khai Tam, audio podcast of Thay's Dharma teaching in Vietnamese

Facebook social networking


CSS East Non-profit Partners

CSS East (the East coast chapter of CSS) has been partnering with fellow non-profit organizations as part of its mission of services:

  • Team Rubicon, a veteran based emergency response teams utilizing the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy to disaster areas.
  • The Global Medic Foundation, a Canada based emergency relief organization helping those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies
  • The Vietnam Dream For Success Foundation, a charity devoted to furthering education for poor children in Vietnam.
  • The Alakukui.Org retreat program in Maui, Hawaai, on whose board of Directors Thầy serves. Since 2004 Since 2004, the Center has hosted cultural and educational programs for the local community in gardening, history, writing, ritual, healing, music, crafts, and dance for youth, seniors, and others.
  • The Vietnamese Youth Education Association, a non-profit in continuous operation since 1977 focused on teaching the Vietnamese language, promulgating the Vietnamese culture within American society and strengthening traditional values.
  • The Charity Group of Va Affection, a non-profit based in Virginia and devoted to charity work world-wide.

In addition, CSS East also partnered with the First Christian Church of Falls Church (VA), the Saint Rose of Lima Church in Gaithersburg (MD), Montgomery County (MD), and Fairfax County (VA), to provide specific community oriented services.



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