Event CSS EAST 2010

The Compassionate Service Society East Coast chapter is overjoyed to announce that Master Ce Hằng Trường will be leading the Dharma Assembly of 2010 in our area. The program will consist of:

1) The Earth Store Bodhisattva Repentance Ceremony (first time ever celebrated in the East coast) on Friday October 29, from 9AM to 7PM, at the Main Hall of:

Unitarian Church of Oakton
2709 Hunter Mill Road,
Oakton, VA 22124

2) The Integral Meditation class, combined with Dharma talk on the foundation of Meditation practice (also the time ever offered in the East coast) will be conducted in 2 days: Saturday October 30 and Sunday October 31, 2010, from 9AM to 7PM, at the

McLean High School
1633 Davidson Road,
McLean VA 22101

The Integral Meditation class will introduce what Master Ce Hằng Trường has consolidated from his experience teaching meditation over 20 years. The program will systematically progress over 12 monthly lessons, suitable for small group practice, and will also include exercise movement to generate energy and help improve concentration.
In addition, we will also offer the Seeking Refuge in the Three Jewels and the Praying for Peace ceremony for those who wish to do so with the Master.
We respectfully invite your participation in these ceremonies. Please help us by broadcasting this announcement to your friends and family. 
Further announcement will be published on For question, you can contact us via email to, or phone to chị Diệu Phú (703-407-4976), chị Loan Anh (703-714-1518) or  Chính Tín (703-395-3612).


Event CSS East 2009


We are overjoyed to announce that Master Hằng Trường will be officating a "Lương Hoàng Sám" ceremony in the Washington DC area from August 12 to August 17, 2008.

Lương Hoàng Sám

Lương Hoàng Sám or The Jewel Repentance of Liang Emperor is a very traditional Buddhist repentance ceremony in the Chinese tradition, dating back to approximately 1,500 years ago. It was started by Emperor Liang, from the Nan Dynasty, in an attempt to save his deceased wife, Empress Chi.

His wife, Chi Hui, died at age of thirty after leading a life marked by jealousy and anger. After her death, she appeared in the Emperor's dream to let him know that she has turned into a giant snake in purgatory. She begged of the emperor to organize a prayer ceremony officiated by the distinguished Buddhist masters at the time in order to expiate her sins, help eradicate her karma and release her soul from the lower realms.

Emperor Liang sought the assistance of Ch’an Master Bao Zhi and other high monastics to compile ten chapters of the repentance. Titled "The Emperor Liang Jeweled Repentance", the text records and details the reasons behind his wife’s transformation, examples of people affected by karma, stories about people receiving retribution, and what one can do to prevent it. After the repentance ceremony, Empress Chi appeared as a heavenly being in the Emperor's dream to let him know that she has left the life as a python, and has been released from its suffering.

The repentance ceremony consists of recitation of the text from this major scripture, followed by announcement of the names of the many Buddhas and prostrations by the attendees. Since there are thousands of Buddhas names on the list, the ceremony typically results in 400 to 600 prostrations a day, for five consecutive days.

During this five day period, Master Hằng Trường will also transmit the Three Refuges, Five Precepts, Eightfold Precepts, and Precepts for the Deceased. The Precepts for the Deceased is a request made by the living on behalf of the deceased to uphold the Bodhisattva Precepts. Relying upon the power of the Precepts, the deceased will be liberated. This is a very rare and precious opportunity for transmission of this Precept. We cordially invite everyone to join us in the ceremony.


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