Integral Taichi

Integral Tai Chi (CK10) is a series of exercises, relaxation technique and meditation that combine Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation into a self-healing system that integrates body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive approach involves a series of 10 body movement postures each designed to increase balance, awareness, endurance, flexibility, flow, concentration, energy and spiritual transformation.

By practicing the Ten-Form Integral Tai Chi, you will be able to:

  • Reduce stress, sleep better
  • Increase your physical fitness and enhance the immune system. Improve your overall health in term of cholesterol level, blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Increase your flexibility. Lessen the affects of aging
  • Improve your feelings of well-being
  • Develop better concentration and mental acuity

However, Integral TaiChi is much more than just an exercise. The forms also combine activities and relaxation, movements and stillness through the practice of meditation. As our energy grows and expands, and as we learn to activate our centers of energy (Chakras), we will discover a deeper philosophy, a more open world view, a more satisfying way of living and a better way of expressing ourselves, filled with love and compassion.

For thousand of years, the Chinese had discovered that our body, besides the musculature power, had an inner force flowing through the meridians invisible to the novice’s eyes, but visible to the practitioner. They could feel and manipulate the movement of energy for healing purpose. Energy flow along the meridian has been acknowledged and developed into a system we call acupuncture and acupressure. While the Chinese focus more on a holistic system of energy, embracing a complex meshwork of energy in the meridian and channels, the Indian Yoga focus more on the energy sources or chakras. The practice of CK10 is a first step toward developing better focus, mindfulness and concentration, leading to a meditative and visualization practice that sustains a higher, more open level of consciousness and understanding.